Do you want a really smart home?

smart-personMost of the articles I read will tell you with great enthusiasm that home automation or smart homes are the ability to control your lights, like switch them on or off.

I can’t see what is the difference between switching your lights on and off at the wall or pressing a button on your phone apart from saving a few steps. That’s not automation . . . .

When I saw the post What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Home Automation, it caught my eye and it basically what I envision for my Smart Family Room.

Please tell me about how smart do you want your home to be?


Smarthome upgrades

The time for home automation, thus making our homes smart, is rushing towards us like a steam train. Either you can say I’m going to wait till every issue is solved and prices are main stream or you’re going to enjoy the benefits of your Smart Home and making your friends green with envy.


In her post Smarthome upgrades, Jenneth Orantia take us from the flying cars and robot maids in “The Jetsons” to the modern day of what is available for you today. She also mentioned some of the difficulties with Smarthome upgrades at this stage, like cost, the communication between devices from different manufactures.

She cleverly split her discussion into Smart appliances(Coffee machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and smart switches), Home automation(lights, music, Apple home kit, Google and SmartThings), Smarter home security(camaras, motion detectors and smart locks) and High tech toys(wrist bands, wrist watch, smart forks and tooth brushes).

A real nice article with lots of information.

Eve – Smart Home, Meet Your Smart Yard

I battle a bit with the green finger thing. It’s not that I don’t plant things and try to let grow, the problem is usually that I didn’t give the planted things enough water.

I know there is watering products on the market that will take care of it, but my problem with them are that I live in a water scarce region, so I’m not that keen on those systems, because they give water indiscriminately.

banner_eve carbon2

Then I read about the Eve Ecosystem and I was immediately interested. I think this system has lots of potential to make my gardening efforts much more successful.

Go and get more opinions at Digital Trends or Gadget Review. If you want more info straight from the horses’ mouth or maybe pre-order a unit you can go and visit The Eve ecosystem.

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