Do you want a really smart home?

smart-personMost of the articles I read will tell you with great enthusiasm that home automation or smart homes are the ability to control your lights, like switch them on or off.

I can’t see what is the difference between switching your lights on and off at the wall or pressing a button on your phone apart from saving a few steps. That’s not automation . . . .

When I saw the post What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Home Automation, it caught my eye and it basically what I envision for my Smart Family Room.

Please tell me about how smart do you want your home to be?


4 thoughts on “Do you want a really smart home?

  1. Hey. firstly think about the different rooms of your house, starting from the outside and some of the different products out there you could implement i.e
    1) Lighting
    2) Garage Door Openers
    3) Surveillance
    4) Door Locks
    5) Miscellaneous gadgets (appliance timers, water leak sensors, Motion Sensors) etc

  2. You are right. Controlling your switches via the phone is hardly automation. In fact, there is no point of taking all the trouble, if we are to be limited by just that. But being able to realise that lights in my living room are all turned on and then being able to turn it off – from the office, is a much more useful application & what sells it for me. I would love for the lights to turn on when it “senses” that its dark – so my dog is not scared to be alone & in the dark.
    One day I will have a sprinkler in my lawn that auto sprinkles when it “senses” my plants need water. One day.

    • I agree 100% with you. When I’m away I want to be able to use my phone to control stuff in my home.

      What breed of dog do you have? We have two Jack Russels and they would also enjoy it very much it they can stay in the house when we are away.

      I have an post about Eve that I’m eying to get my garden green, because I don’t have green fingers. 😀

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