Do you want a really smart home?

smart-personMost of the articles I read will tell you with great enthusiasm that home automation or smart homes are the ability to control your lights, like switch them on or off.

I can’t see what is the difference between switching your lights on and off at the wall or pressing a button on your phone apart from saving a few steps. That’s not automation . . . .

When I saw the post What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Home Automation, it caught my eye and it basically what I envision for my Smart Family Room.

Please tell me about how smart do you want your home to be?


Can the IoT Reduce Your Clutter?

I have never thought that a smart home can reduce, but the more I thought about it the it make sense. So here is one big reason for me that a smart home will make my live better.

What is it that makes a Smart home smart? – Family Room

Today I’m going to take another step on my journey to find out what makes a smart home smart,

Riggins-FamilyIn my previous blog I wrote about a few criteria that I think will makes a smart home smart. Now I want to be more specific and focus on each major area in the home.

I’m going to start with the Family room because I think it is the most “lived” in area, but on the other hand in some houses the kitchen is also well use for living in, so I the same criteria can apply also to the living part of the kitchen. I will also write about the kitchen in a future post.

So now for my family room I think there must be only one remote that will control my TV, satellite receiver, music, Xbox, DVD player and CD player (yes I know 😕 ).

However, this can’t be all, because after all, the emphasis is on smart. When I hit a button on my smart phone or some other remote that is easy available in the room and can’t disappear, it must ask me, because it will automatic know who am I, what do I want to look/listen and what mood I’m in. Upon that and what it had learned from my previous choices, it must give me a short list from the latest content that is available from my own library, on-line or through satellite with a short description why I will like it.

In the mean time, while I’m busy make my tough 🙂 decision, it must lower the lights to a comfortable viewing level and get my TV/music player boot up and ready. When I made my selection, it must play the content at a volume that will compliment my mood as well the content for whatever I’m viewing or listening.

If it’s winter the fireplace must be started with the correct temperature if it is not already working. For me there’s nothing like the coziness of a fire place, share with a loved one after a cold day outside.

In the summer I like nature’s vibe in my garden and I experience it the best through some open doors and windows. So my smart home must open the doors to my patio and switch on the ceiling fans to provide a nice air flow, because it can get quite warm.

Speaking of sound, my speakers as well as any wiring must be cleverly hidden from view.

I think that is all I would like to be smart in my family room. Please let me know what do you want to be smart in your own family room?