What is it that makes a Smart home smart?

On the question “What is it that makes a Smart home smart?” I found there can be a lot of different answers and it depends on who you ask.


After reading and thought about this question, I’m now going to put together what makes my Smart home smart.

The biggest thorn in my thigh with my living room now, is the multitude of remote controls needed to operate my TV, XBox, satellite and sound system. They are always with someone else (I have teenagers in my house) or have “disappeared” between cushions or who knows where, but if you need one, you will find all except the one that you are looking for.

Just think if your house have a system for the lights and another one for the security and you can go on and each one of them has its own control unit or remote control? What a nightmare that I doesn’t even want to think about.

Okay, so my first criteria is that all the systems should be able to work from one common control unit/s and that must include my family’s different types of smart phones.

I don’t know how stable is the electricity supply in other parts of the word, but here in sunny South Africa it is not to bad. However we have a problem with cable theft. So it can happen that on a Monday morning the power went of in the middle of the nigh and then your subtle wake up call of slowly brightening lights with your favourite music is not going to happen. Instead, everything will start with a bang and from there on the Monday is going to be very blue.

Therefore my second criteria will be that my Smart home needs a backup power supply for the “crucial” systems like my alarm, as well with a manual override for the other ones, like the locks. I want to at least be able to leave my home and lock it.

With the rising cost of energy and I don’t think its going to get better soon, I think that Smart homes must be very aware of the energy consumption and even better the wasting of energy thats happening in and around the home.

My third and I want to think its the most important criteria, is a Smart home that will track and communicate very clearly the energy usage and more important the savings of energy to the occupants in the home. I like the carrot approach more than the stick approach in live. 

My last criteria for my Smart home is that it must make the lives of disabled people and our elderly citizens much more comfortable and safe. I think they are the people that will benefit tremendously from home automation and won’t see it as a nice to have, brag with my friends kind of technoligy.

My mother will be 90 years old this December and I can just think how different her live would have been if this technoligy was more cost effective and freely available 10 years ago.

Well this is what I think that will make a home smart. I will like to hear what do you think about what makes a Smart home smart.

Please feel free to comment on this article and give me your opinion.


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