Smart homes for people with special needs

These days more and more home designers taking into account that houses should be nice, safe and practical to live in for everyone in the family, regardless of their physical capabilities. Be it the little baby brother that just starts to learn to walk, mom and dad that are in their prime years, a disabled uncle that needs a special environment or an ageing granddad and mother that are not any more physically capable to do what they have done a few year ago.


These designers turn to home automation that will help them to create homes that are safe to live in and that is able to adapt to life’s changes – whether caused by changing family composition or the changing abilities of family members.

The traditional way to make a home more accessible for the physical handicapped is to think that by only do some physical changes to the home will be sufficient. And this will include things like change the position of the light switches, flours all on the same level, hand rails, easy accessible bathrooms and toilets and maybe a lift if it’s a double story.

With the traditional way in mind, just think what you can do with even today’s “limited” smart home technology? In the most basic sense you can use your phone, that will be with you most of the time, to control lights, to open doors, see who’s at the door, to water your plants and to open curtains or blinds and this list can go on and on. If you want to go further you can even automate these tasks when for instance it gets dark or light. Devices can share information like its dark and the person is approaching a room then turn on the light. Everybody is asleep put out all the lights, lock all the doors, turn down the heating in certain rooms and enable the alarm. And list can also go on and on.

If you want to read more about this topic I found these articles that I thinks is good. The Best Home Automation Solutions for Disabled People and Accessible Housing by Design.

I think in 5 years’ time the sky will be the limit in what you can do to make the physically disabled people around us, lives much easier.

What do you think? Will Smart homes make disabled people’s lives more easily at home?


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