How Apple Thinks About Smart Homes

When Apple decides to do something, they do it properly. So when iOS 8 ships, it will have a feature that you won’t see, but will most probably change the way how smart homes work in the future. Along side this iOS 8 feature is the Apple HomeKit and with both these technologies, Apple plans to unify the unruly word of smart things.


The challenge with smart devices at this moment, is that they each have there own interface/app on your smart phone and they don’t interact or relay messages to one another. However, it doesn’t matter how smart these devices are, throw then under one roof doesn’t make your home a smart home, because there is no universal smart interface.

A solution to this problem is a centralized hub that allows all your smart devices to talk to each other and be controlled via one unified interface. That is exactly what Apple hopes to do with its new HomeKit framework that will use the iPhone with the iOS 8 feuture to do the integration.

A very nice article ‘How Apple Thinks About Smart Homes‘ from Co.Lab discuss this topic in great lengths.


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